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Seana's New Accessory

Seana's New Accessory     Elanor said:   March 5th, 2013 2:41 pm

For decades, the spectacle has been an accessory for kids, especially little girls, to dread. If one girl comes suddenly wearing spectacles, the rest of them get scared, lest they have to wear them too. The look given by the spectacles is viewed as ugly and non likeable. The origins of such a myth lies in the century before, wear monocles and huge glasses were the trend. Human spectacles have, since then evolved. Now it is a fashion statement, an accessory and a necessary part of the cool geeky look. Seana is one such girl who makes specs a complete fashion statement and revolutionises the outlook girls have towards such an accessory. In this book by Mary Lou Faircloth, the very nature of such a makeover and all the excitement associated with it is explored through the eyes of this little girl Seana. And it gives a whole other perspective for little girls to read and change their opinions about specs. A well written appealing to the child book, sure is going to change many insecure and conscious children's lives

Seana's New Accessory    Amazon Review said:   March 5th, 2013 2:40 pm

Having to get glasses can be a daunting experience for many children. M.L. Faircloth's Seana's New Accessory demystifies the process and puts a positive spin on the experience. In the book, Seana is a little girl who loves fashion, especially if it's pink. When Seana starts having trouble seeing the whiteboard at school, her mother decides to take her to the ophthalmologist. Seana is excited when she realizes that glasses are just another new accessory to add to her collection of scarves, jewelry, and shoes. They even come in pink! In the story, Seana goes through the exam with her doctor, which helps children understand what they can expect and lets them know that there is nothing to fear. Faircloth also describes how many different and fashionable styles of glasses are available for Seana to choose among; therefore, children will see that if they are prescribed glasses, they can still be stylish and can find a pair that reflects their own unique personalities. For parents who know that a trip to the ophthalmologist or optometrist is in their child's near future, Seana's New Accessory is the perfect read. No matter how much parents try to tell their children that there is nothing to fear when they go to the eye doctor and that if they do need glasses, they will be able to pick any style they want, the message sometimes doesn't get through. Seana's story reaches children on their own levels, giving them information from someone to whom they may really listen: a little girl near their own ages who is going through the very same experience. It's a fun story that puts glasses in a positive light, making it a very valuable tool for parents.

Seana's New Accessory    Review on Amazon said:   March 5th, 2013 2:25 pm

Children have a wide variety of reactions to the news that they will probably need glasses. For young fashionistas, the news can come as a real blow. Whether they think glasses will ruin their styles or that their glasses will look like a less-than-fashionable classmate’s, their mother’s, or, worst of all, Velma's on Scooby Doo, many children are resistant to the idea. Seana’s New Accessory by M.L. Faircloth helps fashion-conscious children understand that glasses will not ruin their "cool" reputations. These days, glasses don’t cast children as "geeks." There are styles in every color, and they can all represent children’s individual personalities—it’s not the one-style-fits-all optometry world of days gone by. Seana is a young fashionista who loves accessories of all types: shoes, scarves, and jewelry. Rather than think of her glasses as something that will ruin her "look" and make her less "cute," Seana realizes that glasses are just another accessory. For her, picking out new glasses is fun. Pink accessories are her favorite, and she is not able to find just one pink pair of glasses that she likes; she is able to find two. Glasses don’t have to be seen as an "uncool’" symbol for children. By realizing that they can pick any style they like—and that the styles they dislike on others don’t have to be the ones they choose—children are able to stop dreading a trip to the eye doctor and start looking forward to it as a new kind of shopping! The book is light-hearted, charming, and endearing. Young fashionistas will see themselves in Seana, and they will see the positive attitude she had towards glasses and the positive experience the glasses turned out to be for her. Children who have had trouble seeing the board like Seana, who have had inexplicable balance problems, or who have "failed" their schools' vision testing and received a referral to an eye doctor, can stop worrying and start being excited.

Seana's New Accessory  Posted January 8, 2013       Anonymous 

Seana's New Accessory is a cute and informative book about a little girl and her new glasses, and the illustrations really make the story come to life. The book is appropriate for reading to young children and simple enough that early readers could read it alone. It should be placed in the waiting rooms of all ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Cara's Book About Grandmothers

Unforgettable Grandmas    Mhartman   Posted April 30, 2013  Barnes and Noble     

Cara's Book about Grandmothers by Mary Lou Faircloth is one that little readers will truly enjoy. Faircloth has quickly established herself as a children’s author who can both enlighten and entertain, tackling a broad spectrum of topics, and this third offering lives up to everything that young readers (and their adult companions) have come to expect from Faircloth. Cara’s Book about Grandmothers holds some helpful lessons for children hidden within its amusing comparisons of various grandmothers. It can become a valuable tool for parents and grandparents alike to creatively teach their children. The grandmothers that Faircloth writes about (like real grandmothers) come in all shapes and sizes, names, and interests, but each of them has something different to teach her grandchildren. One key lesson for children to learn is how to be well-behaved and polite, and Mary Lou Faircloth highlights this through Cara by saying, "Grandmothers love it when you talk politely to their friends and use good table manners in restaurants." Another important lesson that grandmothers impart on their grandchildren is the lesson of graciously accepting gifts; "Grandmothers like to see you wearing the clothes they bought for you. They say things like, 'I knew that blue would bring out your pretty eyes.’" Although each grandmother is different and each comes with different lessons to teach, they share one very important quality: unconditional love. Even if children have trouble with the lessons that their grandmothers have to teach them, they will never love them any less for it. Faircloth echoes the sentiments of grandmothers everywhere when she explains that grandmothers will always love their grandchildren and be there for them, "Grandmothers don't yell at you when you make a mess or break something...The best thing of all is that grandmothers will always love you, no matter how many mistakes you make, and they always enjoy spending time with you." Grandparents, parents, and children will each find something to like about Cara's Book about Grandmothers, from the lessons it teaches to the enjoyable stories about different grandmothers. Families with children will, undoubtedly, be left looking forward, once again, to Faircloth’s next release.

Grandma's Love and Care  Henry1977   Posted April 27, 2013  Barnes and Noble        

Mary Lou Faircloth's third children’s book, Cara's Book about Grandmothers, hits the mark, again! It is certain to appeal to everyone, and it will, undoubtedly, become a favorite book for children to read with their grandmothers. Each child will be able to find something in Faircloth’s descriptions of grandmothers to match his or her own grandma. There are all types of grandmothers. Children may have noticed this already if their paternal grandmother and their maternal grandmother vary significantly in age, dress, hobbies, or attitude. If they haven’t already noticed it within their own family, they’ve certainly noticed it among their friends’ families, and they may have even asked questions about why one grandmother does this or that, or why their friends call their grandmothers by names they’ve never heard before. Cara's Book about Grandmothers explains to children that grandmas come in all shapes and sizes. They may have different names like "Nei-Nei" and "Granny." Grandmas come in different clothing, with some preferring track suits, while others wear dresses. They will do different activities with you, "Some grandmothers will play soccer with you, swim in the pool with you, or pitch a ball to you. Others will teach you to paint, knit, or do crafts." Faircloth reminds children that their grandmother will always be one person they can go to, who will love them, no matter what; "The best thing of all is that grandmothers will always love you, no matter how many mistakes you make." Grandmas will love you, even though you've spilled your milk, or missed a goal in your soccer game. They will listen to your secrets, and, more importantly, "Children need to have at least one grandmother nearby to read stories to them and to listen to 'their side' of things." Cara’s Book about Grandmothers is one story that grandmothers will love to read with children again and again. Mary Lou Faircloth brings together grandmas and their grandchildren in her book Cara's Book about Grandmothers, reminding children that their grandmothers can be a great source of fun, support, and love.

Lovable Grandmas    Rose15    Posted April 26, 2013  Barnes and Noble

Cara's Book about Grandmothers by Mary Lou Faircloth is an adorable story about all different types of grandmothers, introducing children to the diversity around them and the varied cultural role of one of their favorite family members: Grandma. Mary Lou Faircloth tells children that grandmothers can come in all different shapes, sizes, and names. Grandmothers may be called "Nana" or "Mami," "Poa-Poa" or "Grandmommy." They can be fashionable and wear the coolest clothes, or they can wear "grandma" clothes, like elastic-waist pants or dresses. Grandmas can even do different activities, such as playing tennis or baking. Through Cara's Book about Grandmothers, children can begin to learn how the world around them can be different from the one they experience at home. It opens the door to questions and discussions, and, most importantly, it helps to gently explain diversity to a child. Children are going to wonder why their friends next door calls their grandma "Me-Maw", while they call theirs "Nana." This book can help ease the confusion and teach a child something new in a fun and creative way. Mary Lou Faircloth makes a point in Cara's Book about Grandmothers— although each grandma is different from the next, they all dearly love their grandchildren, "The best thing of all is that grandmothers will always love you, no matter how many mistakes you make, and they always enjoy spending time with you." They show their love in the activities they do with you, like playing soccer or going to your games or recitals. It is in the kind way they help you or listen to "your" side of things. Anyone who reads Cara's Book about Grandmothers is sure to come away with warm, fuzzy feelings, reminded of their own grandmothers. It is a valuable addition to any children's library with its subtle lessons and amusing descriptions of various grandmothers.

Cara's Book About Grandmothers  presents a child's version of grandmothers 
Anonymous    Posted March 27, 2013 Barnes and Noble

Cara's Book About Grandmothers presents a child's version of grandmothers and the things they enjoy doing with their grandchildren. The book show characters of several races and ethnic groups, and it will appeal to all children. The grandmothers are protrayed as being talented, helpful, and very loving people who spend time with children and teach them a variety of skills. This is a perfect book to be read to small children or for early readers to read themselves.

Shawn's Book About Grandfathers

A Heart Warming Read for Everyone       SAM01  Posted May 30, 2013 from Barnes and Noble

Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers is author (and grandparent) M.L. Faircloth’s fourth venture into books for children, and it has a fun and timeless appeal that will make it a must-read for kids and their grandparents. A funny book with some pretty astute observations about grandfathers (such as how they occasionally fall asleep on the couch after a long round of golf), Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers is certain to get some giggles out of young readers, as well as a few from grandparents. While the book is intended for kids, there’s also quite a bit of charm for older readers, as well. Parents reading with their kids will remember their own grandfathers while flipping through the pages, and grandparents will recognize the importance and familiarity of the bond between grandchild and granddad. In this way, the book encourages closeness and a fostering of that bond, reminding both children and grown-ups what’s so great about grandfathers. There’s also an especially fun page that points out how wonderfully indulgent grandpas can be, reading, “Grandfathers don’t worry much about anyone getting hurt. They say ‘Aw, let them have fun’ when your grandmother tells you not to run too fast or jump off things.” This simple line brings the joy of having a grandpa home for readers; having the age to inspire their wisdom, they’re always willing to let kids play on the tire swings or have Oreos before dinner because they truly do know best. The bright and fun illustrations of Al Margolis will enchant kids as well; there are so many types of grandfathers present in the pages that kids are sure to find one that resembles their own, which, of course, is the point. Kids and grandparents will have a great time reading this book together.

An Entertaining Book     Booklover031   Posted May 30, 2013  Barnes and Noble

Author M.L. Faircloth appeals to kids of many ages with her book, Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers. The bond between children and their grandparents is often a very important one, even one of the most central relationships of their young lives. This book will be enjoyed by any child who has a special bond with his or her granddad, and the simplistic, enjoyable text is one that children will enjoy reading out loud – maybe even to their grandfathers! The colorful illustrations are also sure to capture the attention of young readers, and Al Margolis draws many types of grandfathers throughout the pages, encouraging kids to find one that resembles their own grandpa. The book itself is entertaining, not only to children, but also, no doubt, to the adult reading with them. Lines such as “They will let you sit and watch [television] with them if you don’t ask too many questions” and “They will say to your grandmother, ‘How about fixing us some popcorn?’” are certain to get a chuckle out of adults, especially grandparents. Interestingly, the book is also up-to-date, pointing out that grandpas enjoy watching sports on iPads. This makes the book more relevant to kids of today, most of whom know exactly what an iPad is, and who have likely seen their grandparents use one. A fun, light, and enjoyable read from beginning to end, Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers is a book that will undoubtedly be cherished by readers both young and old, grandkids and grandparents alike, especially if it’s read together on a lazy Sunday afternoon – preferably with that popcorn mentioned before.

This would be a wonderful Father's Day gift for a grandfather.  

Anonymous   Posted May 29, 2013  Barnes and Noble

This would be a wonderful Father's Day gift for a grandfather. It emphasizes the importance of the relationship between grandfathers and their grandchildren in an endearing and comical way

Bought This For My Kid     Distantecho     Posted May 28, 2013  Barnes and Noble

Author M.L. Faircloth brings another enjoyable children’s book to the table with her fourth title, Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers. A perfect book for kids and grandparents to read together, Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers highlights one of the most important relationships of young children’s lives: the one with their granddad. The author mixes humor and practicality effortlessly, pointing out that grandfathers often fall asleep on the couch after a long day of golf and ask grandmothers to make everybody some popcorn, but they can also be uncomfortable when their grandchild cries because they might not cry too often themselves. In this way, the author illustrates the many-faceted love that grandparents have for their grandchildren, as well as gently reminding kids of the age difference between them and their grandfathers, letting them know that just because grandpa doesn’t want you to cry, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. The book, with its vivid watercolor illustrations by Al Margolis, will undoubtedly remind older readers of their own grandparents, sparking dialogue between kids and adults about grandparents past, and allowing adults a fine trip down memory lane. Grandfathers will love the book as well, especially for lines like, “[Grandfathers] will let you sit on their lap to watch [sports], if you don’t talk too much.” The wonderfully indulgent nature of grandparents is remarked on throughout the pages, highlighting the way that grandfathers will let their grand kids eat junk food at a ball game or let them come in the house dripping wet after a run in the sprinklers. And really, isn’t that exactly what grandfathers are for: to spoil their grand kids and let them run a little wilder than their parents do? Shawn’s Book about Grandfathers is a great read for kids, especially if they have their own grandfathers to read it right along with them.